15 Mar

THE COLLECTION Celebrates Achievements with The Voice’s Damien Lawson


Photography by Tyler Loy

THE COLLECTION held their annual manager’s dinner earlier this year to toast the previous year’s success. THE COLLECTION, which is owned by Ugo Colombo, held this extra special event that celebrated Ken’s 20 years at the helm as President of THE COLLECTION.

The celebratory night took place at The Thompson and Seagrape, with a custom-created menu by Michelle Bernstein. Following the lavish dinner party, guests enjoyed The Voice’s Damien Lawson during an incredible, surprise post-dinner concert.


Photography by Tyler Loy

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01 Mar

Miami Art Basel: A Celebration of Art, Automobiles, and Beauty

Art Basel is an event held three times a year in three locations, Miami, Basel, and Hong Kong. It is a display of the most noted modern and contemporary artists from around the world and the collections on display are enough to make anyone stop and think. Often, the canvas used can be art in itself and the recent Miami Art Basel event used canvas of the automotive variety.

Artists Alec Monopoly, Alex Mijares, Rich B. Caliente, and Mr. Brainwash called for canvases of Maseratis, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris and the attendees of Art Basel soon discovered an additional layer of creativity among these automobiles already craft by a perfect combination between aerodynamic abilities, engineering, comfort, and….beauty.


The Miami Art Basel event also showcased another beauty! THE COLLECTION Ferrari made its annual appearance. Co-sponsored by Hublot and located at the waterfront estate of Loren and J.R. RIdinger on Miami Beach, guests were instantly welcomed by our Ferrari California T, which gleamed from every angle and caught the eye of every passerby.

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Bentley Continental and Ferrari 458 by Alec Monopoly


Lamborghini Aventador by Alex Mijares


Lamborghini Huracán by Rich. B Caliente


Maserati by Mr. Brainwash