12 Dec

The Reviews are in for the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

“In the not too distant future, it’s likely that many if not most of us will never actively drive a car again. Fortunately, we’re not quite at that final place yet and there remain a handful of virtually unfiltered driving experiences like the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.” – Forbes Magazine, 10/17/2016.

The Reviews are in for the Alfa Romeo 4C SpiderIt’s been two years since Alfa Romeo has returned to North America, and it’s surprising that only just over 1,000 Alfa Romeo 4C Spiders have been sold. It’s a pity because the car is nothing short of extraordinary. The small, two-seat sports car, which starts at $56,000, uses a carbon-fiber structure found in much more expensive cars. It’s powered by an aluminum four-cylinder, 1.7 liter 237 horsepower engine, and has a six-speed, dual clutch transmission. It’s EPA fuel ratings are 24mpg city/34mpg highway.

This car, which some reviewers have called a “baby Ferrari”, is especially noteworthy because of its flawless handling of curves and its acceleration.