19 Feb

Aston Martin’s Push Towards New Markets

The luxury car maker, Aston Martin, will soon shift its focus from the auto industry and branch out to sell a wide variety of new items. These items include furniture, eyewear, yachts, and even a luxury baby stroller.

Aston Martin’s efforts to broaden their horizons comes after the economic crash which left the car industry in a state of volatility. It’s look into new markets is its way of enlarging its customer base from solely car enthusiasts.

Aston Martin’s wide variety of products attracts everyone who is familiar with the company but unable to fully afford the price of their vehicles. Currently, Aston Martin is working on creating a sports Yacht, but so far it’s having more success in the apparel and furniture markets.

Aston Martin isn’t the only one shifting from a Luxury car brand towards a luxury brand, Bentley & Ferrari are both branching out as well.

Aston Martin believes that their push towards new markets will offer an access to a lifestyle and way of living previously only available for those who could afford their cars.

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