14 Sep

Alfa Romeo’s New SUV: The Stelvio

Alfa Romeo has outdone themselves by introducing an SUV into the American luxury car market. Introducing the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, First Edition. Built in Cassino, Italy, this model has a 2.0-liter direct-injected turbo-four engine coming topping out at 280 horsepower. You’ll find yourself going 0-60 in 5.4 seconds.

The exterior features 18-inch wheels, with chrome accents throughout. The frame is taller than other models, and headlights and backlights are LED. It weighs almost 4,000 pounds and gets a combined 24 miles per gallon, not surprising being that it’s an SUV. Inside the Ti models, you’ll see wood on the interior as well as an 8.8 inch screen and 12-way power seats.

This machine uses the Chassis Domain Controller and the DNA drive-mode system so it can perfectly detect which wheels to transfer power to. Though it is all-wheel-drive, the car mainly keeps the control in the rear wheels, but it can transfer up to 60% of control to the front wheels. The driver can choose to shift between three modes: dynamic, natural and advanced.

It’s no wonder this car specializes in control and handling, as it’s named after the winding mountainside roads of the Italian Alps. The notorious Stelvio mountain pass has 48 corners and is not suitable for inexperienced drivers. Though you might not choose an SUV for such a setting, American roadways will be suitable for this fine vehicle.

To read more about this model, visit Autoweek.com.

Find your new Alfa Romeo in Miami at The Collection, the premier luxury auto dealership, which real estate mogul Ugo Colombo owns.

16 Aug

The Audi A5 Sportback

Finally arriving in the US after finding success in Europe, the Audi A5 Sportback is here. It feels like a condensed version of the Audi A7, but based on the design of the A4 sedan. It’s a blend of the best parts of a coup and a hatchback, with a roomy interior and lots of power.

The engine is turbocharged with a two-liter engine with 252 horsepower, taking it from 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds. The Quattro all-wheel drive feature enhances handling in addition to active torque distribution in the rear axle.

One of the best parts of this 2018 Audi is the technology featured throughout the vehicle. The virtual cockpit has endless possibilities for customization, with a seven-inch infotainment system with elements for navigation, audio, and Apple CarPlay and even Google Earth. The engine is packed with a seven-speed dual clutch automatic, so shifting in most traffic settings can be done with foot controls.

The Audi A5 model went on the market in May 2017, and tested to have an observed 29 mpg fuel economy. The exterior is gorgeous, and the interior is ergonomic. This Sportback is a great mix between a coupe, sedan and hatchback. This model can be found at Ugo Colombo‘s The Collection in Coral Gables, Florida.

Read more about this model in Auto Week.

28 Jul

Maserati’s First Crossover

The 2017 Maserati Levante is a notable crossover, not just because it is the brand’s first, but also because it delivers. Coming in at a top speed of 165 mph, this crossover is one to consider when you’re searching for the perfect model. It took only 22 months to get this car from conception to the road–a response to the overwhelming demand for the crossover trend.

Built and engineered in Italy, in authentic Maserati fashion, this crossover emulates the Maserati Ghibli. It’s lower to the ground, wider, and longer than other crossovers like the Porsche Cayenne and Jeep Grand Cherokee. One of the details that makes this model so sleek is the front grill’s thin slats. It’s a change from the mesh that you’d typically find on a Maserati. Not to worry about airflow though, as there is a set of active grille shutters on the interior.

The V6 twin-turbo engine has 424 horsepower with a 0-60 time of 5 seconds. A true Italian sports car. One of the best attributes of this vehicle is the various driving modes. You can choose from Normal, Sport, Off-Road, I.C.E. which impacts the height transmission, and suspension among other things.

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26 Jul

The Aston Martin DB11 Drops Four Cylinders

One of the summer’s hottest releases, the Aston Martin DB11, has seen a surprising shake up to its engine. Going from a V12 to a V8 engine means that it lost about 97 horsepower and 18-pound feet of torque. What it gets in return is more agility, being that it dropped over 250 pounds.

Engineers also updated various other aspects of the car to take advantage of this new lighter model. The Suspension, anti-roll bars, dampers, springs, and stability control have all been updated. The look of the exterior has been modified slightly as well; more for aesthetic reasons than technical.

This development came about after Aston Martin partnered with Mercedes engineers. This brand is constantly changing the game and elevating their status as luxury vehicle makers. It seems that although the horsepower has dropped, its top speed is still an exhilarating 187 miles per hour.

The V8 model will go for $198,995, which is about $17,000 less than the V12 model. Interesting that Aston Martin has put their cylinders at a price of a little over $4,000 apiece.

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03 May

Jaguar Gets a New 247-HP Four Cylinder



Starting with the 2018 models, the F-Pace, XE and XF will be available in a new four-cylinder engine.  The new Ingenium turbocharged 2.0 litre four-cylinder will feature 247 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque, which is an increase of 7 hp and 19 lb-ft over the previous four-cylinder offered in the XE sedan.

The XE will also get a new top model in the XE S, which offers a 3.0-liter V6 with 280 hp.

Jaguar is adding safety features such as forward traffic detection to the surround camera system. This system is designed to detect objects with radar in the corners, handy for pulling out on blind corners like parking garages. Jaguar is also expected to roll out the app-based payment system later in 2017, to allow drivers to pay for gas at Shell stations using the car’s infotainment center.

16 Apr

Hate Waiting in Line to Pay for Gas? There’s an App for That


Jaguar has teamed up with Shell to allow drivers to make payments via their car’s infotainment system.  With the shell app, the driver selects the amount of fuel they want to purchase at the pump, then pay using Apple Pay or PayPal.  The app will email a receipt.

A couple of limitations hold it back – obviously first it only works at Shell Stations, and is only available in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles with InControl Apps in the infotainment systems.  The upside is that this technology is being rolled out into the market, and eventually will be available to pay for more than just gas. Parking, tolls, and car washes are just the beginning.


01 Apr

Porsche Camp4 Circuit Hits the Ice


In one of the newer stops for the Camp4 circuit, Porsche headed out to the cold Canadian tundra.

Camp4 is a chance for Porsche owners to improve their driving skill without risking dents, scratches, or crashes to their own vehicle.  Drivers experience slalom runs, drifting figure-eight courses, downhill sweepers, and short tracks for rally flicks. It’s a 4-5day crash course that starts at $4,000 for the experience.

Drivers are offered vehicles such as the 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (to learn how to get Porsche’s pendulum rear end to swing around), or a 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman (for driving through the slalom).

There’s a full review on MotorAuthority.com with first hand reports of how the instruction improved driving skill on the ice and snow up in Canada.


15 Mar

Aston Martin: Customization with a Q

When thinking of customizing a car, the average person might think, “Oh hey, I’ll get leather seats… wait… I’ll get some heated seats instead.” When it comes down to it, though, they’re really minor upgrades. When you’re talking about Aston Martin, it’s really a whole new world. Aston Martin Customization with a Q

Aston Martin’s Q program allows you to imagine your car as a work of art and that you’re the artist, allowing you the flexibility to create something truly unique. Your car can be customized both interior and exterior as subtly or as boldly as you want.

For instance, the stitching on the upholstery on your seats could include a family crest, or include diamond stitching… yes, diamond stitching.

The exterior color collections are divided into seasons. For instance, some of the Spring-Summer paints include Satin Cobalt Blue and Satin Morning Frost, while the Autumn-Winter colors include Satin Jet Black, Scintilla Silver, and Satin Volcano Red. There are other grouped colors such as Heritage Paints and Pacific Coast Highway Paints, which are deep and rich in more ways than one.

The customization goes even further with the stitching threads which include Spicy Red, Californian Poppy, and Viridian Green. While your customization can’t include the ability to fly, you can drive down the road and the freeways in a true work of art.

01 Mar

Aston Martin DB11 Convertible Teaser Images for Spring 2018

If you’ve ever loved Aston Martin, you may want to take a gander at their Facebook page where they recently shared some images for the new DB11 Volante.

Volante is a four-passenger convertible line with the 2018 DB11 Volante as the newest addition. The preview images posted on Aston Martin’s Facebook page are all saying “Opening Spring 2018” in big stickers on the car, so we won’t get a lot of details yet.

This new edition will probably have the same 5.2-liter twin turbo v12 found in the current DB11 coupe. Output should be steady at 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, and it may only come in an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The coupe starts currently at $214,820, so the new DB11 Volante will probably be higher, closer to the $250,000 mark.

Take a look at the teaser images and let us know what you think!






19 Feb

Aston Martin’s Push Towards New Markets

The luxury car maker, Aston Martin, will soon shift its focus from the auto industry and branch out to sell a wide variety of new items. These items include furniture, eyewear, yachts, and even a luxury baby stroller.

Aston Martin’s efforts to broaden their horizons comes after the economic crash which left the car industry in a state of volatility. It’s look into new markets is its way of enlarging its customer base from solely car enthusiasts.

Aston Martin’s wide variety of products attracts everyone who is familiar with the company but unable to fully afford the price of their vehicles. Currently, Aston Martin is working on creating a sports Yacht, but so far it’s having more success in the apparel and furniture markets.

Aston Martin isn’t the only one shifting from a Luxury car brand towards a luxury brand, Bentley & Ferrari are both branching out as well.

Aston Martin believes that their push towards new markets will offer an access to a lifestyle and way of living previously only available for those who could afford their cars.

Read more at: http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/features/luxury-brands-like-aston-martin-are-branching-out-to-sell-sofas-sunglasses-and-yachts-422393.html