19 Feb

Jack – The Self Driving Audi

Last year Audi attempted a ride along a freeway in Las Vegas. The system failed during that attempt, and the driver had to take over. Audi must feel as though they have made great improvement in the last year, because they are doing it again! An A7 has been fitted with self-driving gear, and will be attempting to make a 550-mile round trip journey from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Audi has been making significant advances in recent years with their “Piloted Driving” technology, and claims that the sensors being used in test car, “Jack,” are ready for immediate production.


“Jack” is equipped with Audi’s standard long-range forward radar, as well as two rear-facing and side-facing radar sensors. A laser scanner behind the grille of the car helps with solid object detection, and several cameras have been placed on the front of the vehicle, as well as the front and rear corners. These sensors in combination with a GPS locator feed to an onboard computer, which controls the car’s steering, acceleration, and braking.

The only real challenge the system may face is the condition of the lane lines, which the car uses to stay on course.

Read more about Jack at http://www.cnet.com/news/audis-550-mile-self-driving-gamble/