19 Oct

The Porsche Mission E Concept

Many folks are saying Porsche stole the Frankfurt Motor Show this year with its very promising Mission E concept, a sporty and fully electric sports sedan.

While it previews a rival to the Model S, it looks closer in size to a Model III, the upcoming smaller Tesla sedan – but given that the latter is said to start from around $35k the Model S will be its target when it materializes into a production car down the road.

Back of Porsche Mission E

Source: Computer World

However, it’s not the fact that it’s electric, all-wheel drive and retro-futuristic on the inside. It’s actually all about the styling.  The front mirrors the well-styled 918, while the back is all 911 in a way never thought possible on a four-door sedan.

Porsche’s Concept Study Mission E also has its share of futuristic features. For example, the dashboard is divided into two levels with the upper layer containing the driver’s display. In-between the two levels is a holographic display that extends far into the passenger’s side. It shows individually selectable apps, which are stacked in virtual space and arranged by priority with a three-dimensional effect. The driver – or passenger – can use these apps to touch-free control primary functions such as media, navigation, climate control, contacts and vehicle. The desired symbol is activated by gestures that are detected by sensors. A grasping gesture means select, while pulling means control. Moreover, driver or passenger can use a touch display on the center console to control secondary functions such as detailed information menus.

Read more about Porsche Concept Study Mission E and watch the video below: